Peafowl for sale- 2016 Hatch *UPDATED*

2016 Hatch Peafowl for Sale

Updated 1/28/2017

Below is a list of 2016 hatched peafowl for sale.  If you are interested in placing an order from the birds listed please send us an email with the bird(s) you want to purchase.  If you have any questions about the peafowl for sale please let us know. (Number in parenthesis) indicates number of birds available for that variety and sex.

Indian Blue Peacock                                                                                             $75 each                                                                             
Cameo (Cock-2)                                                                                                    $100 each                                                                                                          
Buford Bronze Black Shoulder (Cock 2, Hen 2)                                               $250 each                                            
Charcoal cock carrying Black Shoulder (1)                                                      $400 each
Blue hen carrying Charcoal                                                                                 $200 each
Blue White-eyed hen carrying Charcoal and Black Shoulder (1)                 $275 each
Spalding Cameo (High %) (Cock-2, Hen-2)                                                       $450 each                            
Spalding Charcoal Hen (will not lay eggs), (2)                                                 $50 each
Spalding Peach Peahen (50%)                                                                             $400 each